Do Movers Pack Your Stuff for You?

When you’re moving, you’ve got what seems to be a never-ending to-do list — and not a lot of time to accomplish every task on it. The more you can take off your plate during this stressful time, the better. Thankfully, professional moving services can help you just about every step of the way, including packing.

You can hire a moving company to pack your possessions in addition to moving them to your new home, but it will cost you. If you’re paying your movers an hourly rate, which is common for local moves, you can expect to pay between $35 and $50 per hour for each mover. As an example, if it takes three pros six hours to pack up your home, you’ll pay an additional $210 to $300 for packing services. Your rate will vary based on the size of your home, the amount of stuff you have, and any delicate or valuable items that need special care and consideration.

Hiring a moving service that will also pack up your belongings is a significant added expense. If it saves you some time and sanity, though, it’s one worth making.